Turi Yoga

Please give yourself a Nervous Breakdown!

Inside, and during your yoga class, behind the curtain like the wizard in Oz, you are separate from what your body is doing but yet still driving the bus.

Align your mind. It doesn’t happen in what you accomplish physically, surely You know that by now. It’s in how you get out of the way. It’s not in how you handle the situations that arise or the emotions or that cute guy over there doing that handstand or dragonfly or Ardha, Chandra, Chapasana, or you THINKING you should be more flexible by now or how are you going to pay the rent this month. (maybe if I stop thinking about it, it’ll go away or the “Secret” will finally manifest for me.)

Cause yourSelf to just WANT to escape and arise out of a self image that you listen to. Give yourself a nervous breakdown, a lobotomy, from the predictable pattern that repeats itself inside the halls of your mind’s way, even more obvious then what will happen on the next episode of “Housewives of Vancouver.”

People felt sorry for my grandma. She was a very unhappy mind for most of her 80 years. She blamed the world and everything in it for her lack of achievement. Her mind scolded her for not reaching what it thought she was capable of. Her incredible achievement of cooking love incarnate was wasted only on her family. Until… she got Alzheimers. This misunderstood gift.

Life is kind. That is always the rule. Maybe you don’t understand kindness. But You do.
So she lost her mind. Her family was hurt, she forgot who she was, who they were. She forgot how unhappy she was. Her misery dissolved. She became a smile without dentures. Nevermore beautiful and free of a mind that liked suffering. She left the planet without her teeth and found the glory of existing in each eternal breath. Yoga. Dying before she died, she was free. Do it, while you are alive. Die. The sooner. The better.

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