Turi Yoga

A children’s story.

The Tiger’s Nuts.

There was once a squirrel. Thousands in fact. Though small, they ruled the roost of this small village called OGYA. They made Life’s priority to collect nuts. If you didn’t collect nuts, you were not allowed to play in their yearly games. One of the games was called WanderNuts. Even amongst squirrels the competition was fierce for who you knew and how to inflate your self Image simply came down to agreeing to collect nuts a certain way. .”You wanna come to… you wanna be sponsored by.. you wanna teach at..” It was important to be in the Squirrel’s high court of status. Or who were you…?

The more nuts you had, the better you were amongst the other squirrels that lived to collect nuts. The better you were the more the Chief Squirrels would invite you to their yearly games and to their high status friends… where the Chief Squirrels could agree how important they all were. All wanted to be able to attend and all wanted to be the Chief. None of them knew initially that change was coming.. . such IS life.. because their spirituality of nuts didn’t prepare them for the Tiger amongst them.

In the outskirts of OGYA, solitary, fierce, not squirrel fierce, fierce fierce, lived a tiger.

He knew.. he was a tiger and could never be a squirrel. “Compete for nuts? I am a Tiger…” So he watched from behind his stripes… to discern what he was seeing; he saw squirrels give value to Nuts, sell the idea of its value and pretend that the world wasn’t just about living for Nuts, even while elbows were thrown and squirrels bought different brands of clothing but held the same agreed upon beliefs of collecting as they all strived to be in the Chief Squirrel’s favor… elbowing each other or agreeing with, whatever allowed them to be included into Chief Squirrel status. The squirrels that were different were not to be played with.. different how? They didn’t speak of nuts in spiritual terms and reflect on nuts via what past Chiefs said on nuts. Ultimately no nut power could negate the Presence that a Tiger had moved into their village… and as much as they left him alone, they were starting to change… everything was… because they couldn’t concentrate on their beliefs as easily… when the tiger began to venture into their circle uninvited. What did the tiger want?

The tiger started to eat squirrels, that’s what Tigers do. The squirrels that offered him a spot at WanderNuts, he ate those squirrels, the squirrels tried to isolate him by calling him aggressive and unNutly, pretending that he didn’t exist, he ate them.. some squirrels started to follow him and ask him to be their teacher of how to be a Tiger, he ate them too.. he ate so many squirrels that his own livelihood began to be at risk… until one day… a Fox, named DQD, with the longest, flowing tail and a soul like no tomorrow… fearlessly approached the Tiger, “You can’t live in Ogya and kill them all. You’re only hurting yourself, for once you eat them all you too will die. Surely all the squirrels in the world can’t amount to scaring a Tiger? … but you’re acting like them… They hate.. you hate.. what’s the difference? Why must you kill them all? Are you so small?”

He went inwards.. and as he pondered, a nut fell from a tree, he ate the Nut.. “I want– only to be beautiful… ,and I don’t care for the things that are false… mmm… mmmm… damn this nnnut tastes good. The nut is real.. is beauty.”

“That’s all they want too, that’s all they want too… to be beautiful…”

He thanked the Fox and agreed to leave OGYA, before he departed.. he walked into the village and waited for the scared squirrels to come out.. he waited for a week… the chief Squirrel finally came out of his hole and the tiger spoke to him. “If I can learn how to be beautiful then you can learn that exploiting nuts is not what living in OGYA is about.. It is about us being what we are… and helping others enjoy the taste of… the savoring of.. the Life of… nuts… not about collecting them or using them to be important… other Tigers will come and the only thing that will save you next time is if you teach those tigers how to enjoy Being Nutty…

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