Turi Yoga

My Philosophy

Many of us miss what’s available to be seen—the world—because the eyes we use to see are constantly focused on our relationship only to our own mind. The mind cannot feel or see. It thinks. It thinks about ways to make “you” happy. It is willing to sacrifice you in order to try again and again and have you be a guinea pig to it’s idea of love: suffering. Think Romeo and Juliet.

Troy TuriThe postures are metaphors for how you live. How you do the yoga IS what you do in your life. How YOU do this posture, what comes up in the posture (anger, grief, judgement, maybe joy) is what YOU do in your life. It’s the same as when you’re stuck in traffic and rather than embrace this moment of your life, or what’s available in this moment of your life, you choose (anger, judgement, maybe joy).

By bringing conscious (ness) breath to whatever rises within, acceptance or space, makes actual change in your life right now, forever… Or not. Because you can choose to resist the posture and continue to suffer. It’s all up to you. You are the teacher.

If you meet the posture where you’re at, when the posture opens your life has already changed. Side effects include experiencing love, not theorizing about it. Sorry. Changing the world one breath at a time…


Troy Turi has taught for over 10 years. From 2005 to 2008 he taught in Los Angeles. He has worked internationally as a yoga teacher, an Interventionist (helping families work through addiction and treatment), and as a Gestalt therapist incorporating yoga and breathing as the cornerstone for people healing themselves.

He has worked within prisons throughout North America working with violent offenders, teaching them yoga and trust and with the Squamish Nation, the largest band in Canada for over 7 years.