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Soulful Yoga Retreat, Pacific Coast Of Mexico

Soulful Yoga Retreat, Pacific Coast Of Mexico, April 4-11, 2020

Only 6 Spots Left!

Haramara, an acclaimed jewel of the yoga world. The place to disconnect in order to reconnect. A place to enliven and awaken to living soul-fully.

Haramara is our first ever repeat re-treat. 7 years ago, it was the first place we ever sailed our heart in the direction of connecting with the world’s heart. In all of our global travels there is no better place to do so then in the Corazon of the Mexican Pacific.

The Retreat Centre is an endless focus of delight. It boasts large open-aired cabanas, spacious enough to outgrow one’s personality. For nourishment, 3 delicious gourmet meals are provided daily in an open air restaurant served by the most beautiful people you will ever meet. Revel in breathtaking sunset views that overlook the jungle, soak in vitamin D on a private beach in concert with the music of a glittering sea. Let your Body become fully alive and your Mind salsa, as you Recharge your spirit in the groove of two yoga classes a day and the joy that binds everything together.

This retreat is an embrace of unforgettable friendship. Seven days of life-lasting moments, making the room to Be You, in joy together with friends (all over again…)

THIS is The One!

$1800 USD (19% tax included) Dormitory

$1925 USD (19% tax included) Quadruple Occupancy

$2050 USD (19% tax included) Triple Occupancy

$2300 USD (19% tax included) Double Occupancy

$5oo US non-refundable deposit required to secure booking. We accept Bank Drafts, Money Orders or Money Transfer. Prices do NOT include flights or airport shuttles.

For more information and to register: savoiryoga@gmail.com



Soulfull Yoga Retreat, Pacific Coast Of Mexico, May 3rd 10th, 2014