Turi Yoga

Jolene Bayda

The Involution of Yin Yoga, Sept 26 - Oct 1, 2016

Jolene is back!

Karma Teachers is honoured to host the fourth Karma Teachers incarnation of The Involution of YIN YOGA Certification with Jolene Bayda. Her past trainings at Karma have sold out fast, so if you’re interested, contact Karma Teachers.

September 26 – October 1 at Karma Teachers in Vancouver – Space is limited!

45 West Hastings, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1G8

Yin is one of the most renowned practices of asana, if you’re thinking of adding it to your tool belt, here in Vancouver we have one of the most renowned teachers in yoga. Jolene Bayda will support you in a practice and training that will go deeper then you ever thought possible. If you’re a yoga teacher, learn new innovative ways to enhance what you are offering while delivering a deep stillness in the abyss of a yoga pose. If you are not a teacher yet seek to know more about the wonderland of your body and a vast practice that will nurture you till the end of time… Now is the time.

Yin isn’t stagnant and Yin is not a style of yoga. It’s an exploration into the evolution of your life. Like nothing you’ve ever thought Yin to be. 50 hours of Continuing Education in a small group setting, so you can dive deeper in practice, experience more learning, and receive personal attention into understanding what is changing in your body/mind. Dive in, and know yourself from your own hidden truth.

Jolene is her own person and reinvents the wheel with every offering. When the boundaries need to be explored she does the exploring on her own then she brings it to life in her teachings… 50 hours of the most intensely alive education, as she is the Queen Be of anatomy, fascia & flow.

You won’t want to miss this.

For certified teachers the credits of the course can be applied towards 50 hours CEU with Yoga Alliance. Continuing Education Units are required to maintain your status as a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Course Content

Yin Yoga Classes
Dive into the infinite depths of your body/mind in an exploration through distinct yin poses in a deeply meditative approach to one of the stillest & quietest asana practices available.

A Glimpse into Yin Roots
A brief look into the origins of yin yoga and the evolution of its popularity through our time. Understand the difference between yin and yang styles of yoga and be re-acquainted with the intention of an intimate practice.

When to Yin your Yang
Gain an appreciation of when and how Yin Yoga can balance and enhance your life. And learn how to intuitively feel your way through this unique practice.

The Inner World Wide Web
A look at the diverse tissues of the body, and clarity on the body’s inner web of connective tissue. A yin specific look into the physiological benefits of this practice.

Channelling Vitality
A look into Meridian Theory and the correlation between this self induced accu-pressure practice and how it assists the innermost pulse of life force. Learn how to incorporate healing gestures (mudra) into this extraordinary style of practice to recharge your energy reserves and enrich your practice.

Pranayama (Anchor Management)
Learn precise breath techniques that encourage an inner quietude, brings balance to the body/mind, and inspires your presence & grounding on the mat and in your life.

The Construct of Yin
Learn the backbone of this inclusive practice while we examine the structure of the yin poses learning their specific benefits and a multitude of variations for each. Learn to weave together a conscious sequence of poses to create a seamless practice.

Teaching Practicum
Experience teaching Yin in a safe and supportive environment where you are encouraged to source your own instinctive style of this teaching.

Karma Pricing

Sliding Scale Options

Option #1 – $650
Option #2 – $750

Limited partial scholarships available to those in need. Payment plans are also available!

Register at community@karmateachers.com