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The Living Meditation workshop: The Joy of Consciousness

The LIVING Meditation: The JOY of consciousness, Oct 29, 2017

Conscious Awareness, is the least understood aspect of the Living-Practice of Yoga. Awareness itself needn’t be an unusual aberration or an epiphany—it is actually the essence of your Being You.

training-1The final three limbs (Yoga Proper) in the sutras of Patanjali point to this truth. Troy integrates awareness with the practice of yoga in a way that offers a foundation to enable your future Self to know how to find peace in all moments—no matter what situation arises both on and off the mat.

Sun, October 29, 2017, 2pm – 6pm at ONE YOGA 


Course content:

The easiest thing in thing in the world is to be authentic; but in order to be joyful, one has to be able to be uncomfortable with situations that arise, without identifying a sense of self based on emotions or outcomes that are not who you truly are… Any teacher that is looking to teach, any life that is wanting to embrace change must learn to dwell in the Seat of Consciousness.

Unlearn being attached to Thoughts.

training-2Come to real-eyes most people that attend yoga classes identify their mind, body and thoughts as who they are. Begin to see that teaching to physical bodies first is taking the long route to the simplicity of the soul. The ‘Thinking Mind’ or ‘Manas’ just happens to be the one and only human condition and the source of all suffering. It is necessary to overcome ‘Mind’ in order to attain peace, instead of a temporary band-aid.

Unlearn being attached to Things.

Learn how to SEE what comes into a room, recognizing whatever enters, is the yoga. In other words you will be taught to notice the ‘Mind’ as well as the bodies present and learn to become comfortable with people’s idea or personality. It’s not personal, it’s just insanity. When Consciousness identifies itself as thoughts, it gets pulled into looking for happiness in objects, or other people. When we turn our Attention inwards, we find the peace that is ever present rather than an idea of happiness.

Consciousness arises.

During this training we will do a series of exercises and encounter one’s own desires to escape, while noticing the space that arises when breath is mastered. Learn how to integrate Consciousness into an asana practice. When the breath becomes paramount to each moment we give birth to who we truly are. The impassioned personality is more like a garment we wear and ‘The Seat of Consciousness’ permits a witness to our thoughts rather then identifying our thoughts as who we think we are.

The workshop includes:

  • Pranayam/Mantra
  • Meditation
  • Gestalt exercises oriented towards helping someone define ‘truth pointers’.
  • Gentle Yoga to re-balance and make it easier to absorb the teachings.

Cost: $350 *limited number of scholarships available*

For any questions, or to register, contact me through this website.

I’d love to journey with all of you. The beauty that I have witnessed in this 25 hour workshop has made me invest even more into this program. It is an amazing trip we take together.

Karma Pricing

Cost: $40
Date: October 29
Time: 2:00pm – 6:00pm

To register please contact me.

Reviews from Past Participants

“I can honestly say that all of the nonsense that has lingered in me for quite some time has gone. It came to me over the three days that there is nothing that is distracting me from living fully in the present moment. I sort of knew this a few months ago but this experience brought everything together for me.”
– Jennifer Clark

“At the end of the day; it came down to your communication skills and accessibility. The variety of exercises and examples reinforcing the information relatably. I am always in favour of breath practice and mantras before other activities. It’s grounding, and allows my mind to become much clearer.”
– Paul Robitaille