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Sorry, but this retreat is Soul’d Out!

Urban Yoga Retreat IV, September 20, 2015


Rest in your Mind, Body and Soul.

Cultivate Awareness to uncover the Attention present in your life, rather than the roles you play or the stories you tell yourself. Discover how to find what has always seemed illusive: The one and only moment. A full day to stretch your heart with yoga and related workshops, while we nourish your body and fill your soul!

Sorry, but this retreat is Soul’d Out!

Urban Yoga Retreat IV

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September 20, 2015

Heritage Hall, 3102 Main St
9am – 5pm

2 Yoga Classes
All styles and all levels are welcome

2 Workshops
Bhagavad Gita Live!
The Bhagavad Gita’s hidden messages and characters will become visible for you through the animation of Troy’s mind.

Find your Inner Teacher
Dive into the driver’s seat as we seek to reveal truth about the mind, brain, and intelligence of the body.

Fresh Vegetarian Lunch Included

Register here or email jolenebayda@gmail.com

August Early-Bird Special $90.00
September Regular Price $100.00

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Sorry, but this retreat is Soul’d Out!


  • September Regular Price $100.00

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