Turi Yoga

A Video Tribute

This video was compiled with photos from Troy’s Haramara Retreat 2014. Thanks to Logan for creating this.

— Namaste

More Freedom

The sessions combined with my personal reflections have allowed for me to be more honest with myself, my family, and how that relates to certain characteristics, behaviors and actions throughout my life. I find myself encouraged to live with the possibility of more freedoms (internal and external).



— Kristen

Alive and Honest

Troy’s directness enabled me to challenge myself to not minimize my issues with denial or distraction. I went from my head to my heart. I avoided feeling in the past. As an outcome of my sessions with Troy I feel more alive, honest, and free of issues I harbored or minimized at any cost.



— Chief Ian Campbell, Squamish Nation

All Ages and Personalities

I first found yoga at age 76 with Troy Turi’s evening classes two years ago at Zenergie Health & Fitness. The huge benefits I have found have been the calming feelings, energy and excellent sleep. Troy’s teaching with humour, warmth, and understanding flows through me. He reaches his students of all ages and personalities.

— Jane K.


I have been attending Troy’s class for about a year and I really enjoy it. I make a point of attending every Monday. I love the flow of the movements and am amazed at how he completes his sequences. He uses a variety of poses and his emphasis is on the breath and listening to your own body. Troy presents yoga in his own very unique way; he has a lot of character.

— Kelly B.

“Be In Your Life”

I have been attending Troy Turi’s yoga class at the YWCA for more than a year, on rainy or sunny Monday afternoons… Troy’s practice is always imbued with his large personality, sense of humour, and significant healing powers.

I feel that his classes are accessible to people with all levels of experience. Troy is obviously aware of each student and concerned for their well-being in his class.

Throughout the past year, Troy’s constant reminder during the practice to “be in your life” has resonated through the months and reminded me to strive for balance and health in my life.

— Maia S.

“Fully Engaged with Myself”

I’ve never left Troy’s yoga class without feeling essentially transformed from the inside out. His insight into the human psyche and body seems to flow right out of him and into you.

I feel fully engaged—with him and with myself—for the entire class as he talks through every detail of every posture with complete clarity and simplicity. By the end of the class, I actually feel like I have had my internal organs massaged.

Troy is compassionate and funny—nothing but positive vibes in his class. You never just go through the motions with Troy—he is a true “teacher”

— Valerie B.

Authentic Self

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for three years and I found it difficult to keep up with my practices regularly. This all changed a year ago when I took my first ‘Troy’ class. His classes are energetic and fun. He is genuine and is uncannily hilarious. Not only did I gain more strength and better flexibility, I now make better choices consciously. Most importantly, I’ve found the calmness that I thought I had lost, only to realize it was just a simple breath away. I can’t imagine my life without yoga. Thank you Troy for just being you.

— Frances Pei